Just Boil This Leaf and Drink Daily Cure Diabetes Doctors are Shocked

Just Boil This Leaf and Drink Daily Cure Diabetes – Doctors are Shocked.
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To get the health benefits of atis leaves for diabetes, there are several steps. Below are some step by
step method to extract the atis leaves:
1. Determine how many leaves you need. Put it in a plate and smash it into some pieces.
2. Boil some water in the pan.
3. Put the smashed atis leave into the boiling water.
4. Turn off the heat and let it for several minutes until the water color is change.
5. Sieve into an empty mug, strain the leaves.
6. Remove the strain and let the extract cool down.
7. The atis extract is now ready to consume.
8. You may add some lemon for more flavor
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